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Engaging Content, built to change behavior

Courses built to capture attention
Tired of chasing employees to take training? In a world full of distractions, engagement is everything.
Change people in their language
Engage in the language your employees speak.
Directly to the heart.

Engagement & Training platform built for modern teams

Say goodbye to logins

With our magic links, learners access training in the click of a button - no logins required.


Tailor messaging to your learners - to what matters to them & why your training’s relevant.

Maximise completion

Micro-courses optimised for to win the fight for attention and change behaviours.

HRIS Integrations

We fit seamlessly into your workflow, integrating with your existing HR tools.

Awesome admin tools

Enrol learners in the click of a button and sit back while we chase up the stragglers.

Real-time insights

Use our beautiful dashboard to track completion and learning outcomes.

The future of training is here, are you ready for it?

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