POSH Training

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Training (POSH)

Leap10x has collaborated with "POSH at Work" (empaneled by Ministry of Women & Child Development) and recognized for its expertise in delivering engaging, company-specific Sexual Harassment Prevention training to your employees.

Why Leap10x ?

Created by top legal experts

Engaging content delivered directly over Whatsapp/Sms/Email

Platform with enterprise wide security and privacy laws

Available in regional and vernacular languages

Implement this at the price of a coffee

Easily accessible for Bluecollar & Frontline workforce

Engagement & training platform built for today's team

Micro lessons designed to be done over time at work
Access directly in the flow of work without any app or login
Deliver content in more than 100+ languages
Frontline friendly with zero learning curve, access over Whatsapp/SMS/Email
More than 85% engagement
One place to track all assignment progress and completion statuses

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